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Multi tasking with a pork shoulder.


When I cook a shoulder, I usually pack the left overs in quart ziplock bags, one pound per bag and freeze them. I had not gotten around to a shoulder on the kamado, as I had a couple pounds rumbling around in the freezer.

But then the October challenge came up. 1) Shoulder needed for the challenge, 2) opportunity to cook a shoulder on the kamado 3) experimented with the fire. 

I usually lay down some big block, and pour on a lit chimney of left over /fresh lump. Gets hot fast. This time I put down a couple monster chunks of KJBB, and dumped the unlit chimney of rubble on top, and buried one of these guys just under the top of the pile and lit it up..




After the fire got going, I put the lava rock and drip pan on the Vision hanger, grate on the low position, (fire bowl). After about a half hour, with a little fiddling, the dome thermometer and the oven thermometer on the grill were at 225. They stayed there for the entire cook, did not have to make further adjustments.  Lots of lump and a couple big chunks of hickory, small fire



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