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Kamado Joe 2 vs Kamado Joe 3

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I get asked this question frequently so I have written up a cut/paste answer for it.     What's the difference between the Kamado Joe 2 and the Kamado Joe 3?   or   Is th

Being a newbie owner of a Big Joe III, I made the plunge on the 3 vs the 2, as well as the Big Joe vs the classic, saying to myself “self, you’re going to have this for years, so get what you want and

Right on, nice details you shared there John!  100% agree, I just got the III but have helped friends get the second gen and I have had 4 Eggs prior so despite only having the new KJ Classic III for a

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I tried to search for it, however couldn’t find it. 
can someone tell me the depth of the Kamado Big Joe with the Lid fully open. 

from the control top to the most forward part of the grill?


I need to figure out how far out I have to build my table for it to open without hitting the wall behind it   

thank you so much!

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Bit the bullet and bought one finally- Classic III based on my personal research and desire for that “bang for your buck”. Thank you John for your YouTube presence, my first cook was effortless. 
This is my first Kamado, but I knew going in I wanted a basket. I knew I wanted my wife to be able to make pizza without opening it (she will so forget to burp it) and I knew I was buying it to smoke on. Then I saw the sloroller....

Being a science teacher...Injust couldn’t resist. I had to see that in action! 
got up to temp, opened it and added a little cherry, brought it back up and it was smoking like a train. Opened it again and know what? You can see the smoke rolling just like they said it would!  
Never used anything else, but this thing is cool and produced a perfect whole chicken and some amazing salmon filets for me first time out. Works great! 

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