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Kamado Tom

1st pan fry over charcoal fire in the kamado

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We decided to make crab cakes and cheddar bay biscuits for dinner tonight and I didn't feel like using the gassers so I tried something I've never done before which is  skillet cooking over a charcoal fire. I started by cleaning out the KJ Classic charcoal basket and filling it with the BB already in the egg, then placing the basket in the middle of the grate and lighting in 3 spots. After letting the fire get up and running I preheated the skillet then added some olive oil and the crab cakes a minute later. The cook went well although i did sendup raising the cooking grid as things were getting a little too hot. I served them up with the biscuits that I baked in the KJ.







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I use more of a Baltimore style crabcake recipe except rather than dry mustard I use dijon, claw instead of lump (I  like the deeper crab flavor), Old Bay seasoning in the mix and dust the outside of the crabcake with Old Bay blackened seasoning. 

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2 hours ago, Family_cook said:

Did you close the lid to get some smoke during the cook or did you just use the coals as a heat source?


Lid open, wasn't taking my eyes off them.

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