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Corner Cut


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In the UK we can buy a topside 'corner cut'. This is full of flavour and very tender but they normally sell out fast so you've got to be quick! Set it in soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, garlic and onion granules, salt and pepper and smoked paprika. Left it overnight and then set up the KJ with the SLoROLLER and some hickory chunks at 90°c. Put it on at 7am and pulled it off at about 1pm when the internal was 57°c.  For the last 30 mins I removed the top of the SLoROLLER and opened the vents to brown the joint and add extra flavor. Extremely tasty, very soft and very moist!


Joint going on...




After browning...




Ready to serve!




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Had to look it up.  


What is topside beef called in the USA?
It is a boneless portion of meat. Topside is in the same place as the Top Round, located at the 'top' of the animal's rear-end. In the British Beef terminology, the American 'round' is divided into three sections: Rump, Topside and Silverside.
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