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Ivan DeSlayer

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So I just got my recent CGS purchase of a spider, Woo Ring and 2 half moons. First off really well built pieces and I think I should have just bought the Woo Ring and half moons. For those of you that have it what do you typically use your spider for and do you use it in conjunction with Woo ring?

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I don’t have a woo ring which wasn’t available when I bought my initial setup, but I have two spiders.   


In some cases I use a spider inverted to raise the first grate a couple inches. You wouldn’t likely do this since you have the Woo for that purpose.  For me, the two spiders together (one up, one down) act like a Woo. 


Otherwise, I use the spider to hold the deflector stones down in the bowl or hold a searing grate down right over the coals. The Woo does this as well, but also elevates the grates. So, if you want the first grate higher, use the Woo.  If you want it right on the firebowl use the spider. 


Now that I have the Adjustable Rig, I wouldn’t want the extra height of the Woo often, but with the stock grates, I often wanted to get the grates higher. 

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