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KJ Starting to cheap out :-(

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Looks like the new owners are making some cost saving changes :-(


my jr which is 4 yrs olds had a crack in the base must have been a firing crack as it didn’t run to an edge. Anyhow kJ replaced it but the dome and band were too big to fit. The inner dimensions were about right but the out was too small so think they’ve made it thinner. 

anyway new band and done aero iced today fits perfectly - also smaller/thinner but the most obvious thing was the bolts! They used to be chunky things 13mm heads they now are weedy ones 10mm heads looks like a sign of things to come :-(

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On 8/22/2019 at 7:02 PM, Danwilderspin said:

The inner dimensions were about right but the out was too small so think they’ve made it thinner.

I think they used a different mold. It would only affect outer dimensions because inner dimensions are set at the time of production. Think about the process. The outer surface is sculpted, so that's the molded surface. The cooker is formed by applying clay to the inside, thick enough to meet internal dimension specs., then firing it. 


The size change falls into the category of manufacturing variation. The hardware change is more likely cost cutting during a redesign forced by the mold change. 


Have fun,


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Gather your stones to throw at me.:-o 


Over the years I have owned, later replaced many products by the same manufacturer or tried a new to me, product.

Sometimes it seems as if a lesser material, process etc. etc. are used to build a product.

I surely have had those thoughts and seen it.


The good: new technology may yield an upgrade to improve what seemed to be "there's no way they can do this better", product.

I own/use at work stuff that is so much better, via new technology or backing off on original over engineering.


The bad: (this usually happens when a name brand is sold) indeed lesser materials possibly, may, might be used to make what was once a proud product into a below average product. We can only guess or learn the hard way. The new manufacturer can fix that issue or press on.


Bottom line. Caveat Emptor. We control what we spend our money on. It has become apparent to me that I must do a little research before I buy so I don't get disappointed after a purchase. I wish I could claim I am mistake free but I am not. I have returned more stuff in the last 5 years than I have in 20.

Lately, I examine the return process before I buy. I save receipts-not always easy to find them.


I have a Classic 2017 KJ and no plans to replace it. 



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I wouldnt mind if they cut corners on hardware provided the price decreases to reflect it

The Series 2 line has just had a $200 increase in Australia and the series 3 brought with it a $1000 price increase, meaning the classic 3 now retails for $2999 and the BG3 for $3999 Australian

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On 9/4/2019 at 6:31 AM, Danwilderspin said:

interesting video - and fair point about the mold - I wonder why they changed it though?


I haven't seen any evidence that Kamado Joe has changed anything about the design or construction of the Kamado Joe Jr.  Please post photos of your evidence.  Making a claim that they have changed the thickness of the ceramics is a pretty major claim without any supporting evidence.  If you don't have that evidence, I will be locking this thread.  

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