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Is firewood at Gas Stations safe to use in kamado as wood chunks?

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On 8/29/2019 at 9:56 PM, MickeyTheShoe said:

I imagine its safe as it says its all hardwood.


We will want to be cautious when dealing with the definition of hardwood.  It's any tree that doesn't have needles.  So pine is a hardwood and I've been told to not grill or smoke with it.


The supplier lists cherry, beech, maple and ash woods.  Assuming that's correct, cherry, maple, and ash are fine to cook over or use for smoke.  IDK about beech.

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The National Park Service has banned campers and picnickers from bringing in their own firewood. They contract vendors to supply wood that has been heat treated at 160*F for 60 minutes to kill insects and critters that they don't want in the parks.
Last time I was in The GSMNP I picked up several bundles of beautiful, clean, split (2"-4" dia.) White Oak  to bring home for smoking. I was allowed to "cherry pick" the stack of bundled firewood for my camp fire.
If you're near a National Park you might want to check them out from time to time to see what they're offering....maybe even get to know their supplier to get a head's up on good smoking wood.
It's not completely seasoned, but it shouldn't take as long as fresh cut wood.
As I recall, the prices were reasonable.

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6 minutes ago, pmillen said:


Duh!  You're right, of course.  Pine has needles.  It was a tytpo.  Thanks.

I've gotten into stick burning over the last year so I've been learning a lot about wood. We have a lot of local pine that I've had to avoid. 


4 minutes ago, pmillen said:


I didn't know that.  Again, thanks.

No worries. That's the beauty of this forum. We all learn from each other.

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