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WTB KJ23NRSH-classic stainless new or used

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Due to where I live was trying to find a KJ that had ss hardware in classic size, or Big joe, Ithink they were made maybe 3-4 years back. They had ss external metal. Hope someone may have one to sell. Thanks located near Tampa, can travel to pick up. Best Dick 770-855-3810

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@RDobrow Welcome to the Guru and have you looked at Grill Dome's new kamado! 



nfinity X2 Large Kamado - BLACK Complete (2019 Model)

304 STAINLESS HARDWARE, COOKING GRILL – The Infinity X2 is built like a tank and with the 304 Stainless Steel hardware it will also last much longer than powder coated hardware. The cooking grill, the hinge bands, hinge assembly, handle, DialDoor, and side shelves are all 304 Series stainless steel. Rest assured for years to come.
NEW! Infinity X2 Large Kamado - BLACK Complete (2019 Model)

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Hello, and I am another Floridian.


I was looking hard at the Grilla Kong before going with a Kamado Joe Classic II.  The Kong has stainless steel hardware too.



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