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The very best accessory for all my kamados is when I removed the dome thermometer and replaced them with a remote monitoring digital probe. Allows me to keep an eye on the temperature while prepping the food in the kitchen. No more overshooting the temperature during startup because I was inside and lost track of time.


This works for every cook except for cooks above 550*. In those rare occasions I put the original thermometer back in place. The switch takes about 5 seconds so no big deal. 




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19 hours ago, Kamado Tom said:

 the XL angle firebox dividers.


I thought from looking at kamados and looking at pictures of peoples rigs that a heat deflector or a half stone with the meat on the rack above was the way to achieve indirect cooking. Looking at the firebox dividers, I am now thinking that is the way to go. The referenced ones won't fit my kamado, but some of the ones in other posts probably will. It is something I am going to look into.  I built that type of fire all the time for my kettle grill cooking.


thanks for the suggestion

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    • By KamadoJones86
      Hey guys, I just got done with my first big low and slow cook yesterday. Pork butt cooked perfectly for 10+ hours only to find (literally) hundreds of wire brush bristles sitting in my drip pan when I went to clean everything out. Obviously, this can be a health concern and I even found 2 stuck to the bottom of the grate when I started double checking so the whole batch had to go straight into the trash...completely gut wrenching (but hopefully not literally, we did eat 2 sandwiches before we saw this).
      What are you guys using to clean your grates? These bristle brushes have me freaked out now but there is a lot of skepticism around the effectiveness of some of the alternatives. At this point, I just need to know what works well on the KJ so everyone stays safe and no more hard work has to go in the garbage.
      Thanks in advance!
    • By JohnnyAppetizer
      Looking for opinions....
      Vision B, lava stone with hanger
      Reading posts here and looking at pictures of your rigs, I have a question.
      On line at different stores and amazon, I see a lot of spiders that will pretty much just replace the cross bars that hang the lava rock. There are also many variations that will raise the main grate to the felt line. Not considering all the options that raise the grate higher in the dome and slide in and out for various configurations of stones, half stones and additional grates for more levels of cooking and additional volume, how much does raising the main  grate from the OEM position to the felt like make?
      Pros? Cons? Improved temp and heat distribution? I realize it may be easier to access, Is that about it?
    • By BBQ Boy
      Does anyone have experience with GrillGrates (https://www.mygrillgrate.com/articles.asp?ID=254)? The concept looks very interesting, but a bit pricey. I'd like to try the surface but I don't want to get suckered. Anyone?
    • By Nebulous
      I recently replaced my 20 year-old rinky dinky Brinkman horizontal smoker/grill with a Char-Griller Akorn komado. I bought it primarily for slow smoking. Knocked out some incredible pulled pork shoulder and brisket last weekend! I love the design of the Akorn (it's my first komado) for slow smoking.
      But I prefer to have just one grill/smoker and am concerned about how well it will work for standard grilling, such as hamburgers, steaks, pork chops, fish, etc. My concern is the distance between the fire and the grate. The grate isn't adjustable, and it's raised up pretty high.I'm not sure I could sear meat, for instance, and I'm not sure I could cook a steak quickly enough to turn out a perfect medium rare.
      What are your experiences? And advice? I hoped to find a secondary grate online that would sit on the diffuser (pizza stone) holders, but no luck.
      All anecdotes and advice are highly appreciated!
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