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Labor Day Charcoal Sale/Deals-Post Here If You Find Them

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2 hours ago, JohnnyAppetizer said:

I don't know, Nothing in that department had a price on it. I do know 8 lb. is $7-$8 at Kroger and other places around town. Sale or not, $9.87   for 15 lb. seems like a good buy. Yes, I noticed RVA !



FYI, in todays email https://www.homedepot.com/p/Royal-Oak-15-44-lb-100-All-Natural-Hardwood-Lump-Charcoal-198228021/206732872?cm_mmc=hd_email-_-A-BR2-_-20190906_RTGSMART_3446557-_-BRT_Product_Hero_Image&et_rid=119273781


I use RO lump for 99% of my cooks and never have an issue. It has been great and the price is always right at Walmart. HD and Lowes are always higher so I never get it from there. 


If you see a guy with 5 bags of RO in his cart it is probably me!

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On 9/5/2019 at 11:10 AM, homerkj said:

Brickseek said Hatfield, PA Walmart had 4 bags.  I just checked that stores website and it doesn't even come up in the search.  Going to call store first

The inventory numbers aren't always accurate on seasonal/clearance items. Especially on things like this, if it gets down to low single digits, could be things like ripped bags that weren't zeroed out in the inventory when disposed of, for example. Sometimes things get sent back to the distribution centers at stores that have less space.

Keep in mind, at $16.96 for 30lb vs $9.87 for 15.44lb, you're saving 7.4 cent per pound, or about 13%. The time/cost of hunting down 30lb bags might not actually be worthwhile. $11.10 savings on 5 bags might not be worth the time and gas, depending on how far the store is.

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Wife picked me up 3 bags of the RO big block which I have never seen, 1/2 the bag was some very large chunks and then started getting smaller. Cooked great, large chunks looked like the last time I made some homemade. Would buy again.  

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