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Vision B-Series Accessories "Setup/Feedback

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Hey gents,

Getting into this hobby - I have an Akorn Jr and just today added the full-size Vision B-Series to have a ceramic! :)


Ok so have a few questions about the ideal accessories "setup" for this Vision here....

First, on the Akorn Jr, I have their heat deflector stone. I (of course) use the top/main cast iron cooking grate on that unit.... I do NOT want the Vision brand lava stone - no thanks.

I AM buying a Kick Ash Basket for the Vision, for sure....


So one of the main reasons I got the Vision was to do high-temp pizza cooks. I want a two tiered shelf/system.

I was excited because I knew the Vision grill comes with the two tiered SS grates. However, I also know the standard bottom cooking grate isn't really accessible during most cooks and is semi-useless, people use the top more often. Which is fine with me and neither here nor there, as I don't need to do steaks or high heat/direct on it, I'll use the Akorn Jr for that.

And I was even more excited about the Vision because the top tier grate is Raised ABOVE the gasket/lid line (which is exactly where you want your pizza to be - in the dome a bit more! And of course you wanna be using a heat deflector that's the same width/size as the pizza stone...)


So anyway, I had PLANNED to buy a cast iron griddle pan, such as this:



And this pizza stone:



Both 14". Cast iron pan is actually 15" with the handles but 14" cooking surface area. Anyway. Then what I was going to do was put the cast iron pan on the lower grate as a deflector, and the pizza stone & pizza on the upper grate (in the dome a bit more.) Voila!

FIRST QUESTION, though it ultimate doesn't matter but I'm curious: would that setting, with cast iron deflector on lower grate, be TOO HIGH out of the firebox to act as a proper diffuser? I think it should be perfect, particularly for pizza, as you're raising everything up and having a 2-2.5in gap between deflector and actual pizza....


HOWEVER, due to Vision's grate hinge system and how that top grate shelf mounts, you are severely limited to put a 14" anything on the lower grate, unfortunately... The support rods for top grate, as well as folding mechanism "handle" on lower grate to add wood to firebox, get in the way of that. At best, there is 13-13.5" of clearance for a cast iron pan diffuser (or lava stone, or whatever you use.)

And I don't want a 12" or 13" diffuser and pizza stone. And no, I don't want a 10" or 12" diffuser and a 15" or 16" pizza stone, unfortunately... :(


So.... Now I'm thinking perhaps to replace the grates entirely?! Not sure with what though? That way I could (hopefully) fit a 14" or 15" diffuser on the lower shelf of a two tiered system (i.e. purchasing the same two accessories I linked above....)


Next, I've also found this thread here, and now wondering the merits of these items:




So that adds the *CGS Spider System, or Aura Pro-Zone* to the mix.....

I definitely want and need some type of diffuser/deflecter in there. Which route do you experienced members think I should go??


P.S. The other main reason I got this Vision was for the ceramic versatility, and sizing/surface upgrade from Akorn Jr, to do some Proper low-n-slow cooks on large chunks, for Brisket which I love, Boston Butt, Pork Shoulder, etc....

What setup should I use for those meats - a diffuser on lower grate and whatever large chunk of meat on the top grate is okay??


P.S.S. I'm aware of the Vision's possible weakness with letting air in/not being sealed airtight around the removable ash drawer. The ash drawer is of no benefit to me whatsoever, as again I'll use the KAB and then a Vacuum to vac out ash from the top... With that said, I'm thinking of initially sealing the removable ash box a big tighter (hopefully), and attempting to create a nice airtight seal. What I would do is leave the existing felt gasket it comes with in that area, there - and simply add MORE gasket on top of the existing. Probably the Nomex, 1-inch width, the same width the rest of the grill uses (I don't know what the airbox gasket size is and haven't measured, I DO know the lid opening and chimney are 1".) Do you think that would A. Be a good idea? and B. Would that be the proper size of gasket to use? I know Nomex makes a few narrower ones as well.


Many many thanks in advance for your input & helping me with this setup!! Cheers

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If  you bought the vision b,(basic, not all the fancy vent controls) u only get the grate for the fire bowl.  My independent research (I emailed vision) says the top grate will work with the oem grate, you can order fromvision . It will put you at or slightly above, (looking at their video) the felt line. I did look at those on the models that were in the local Home  Depot

I ordered the cgs woo, with 2  half stones. I wanted the vision lava stone because it is 14  inches and I liked that diameter better than the 15 inch diameter of the cgs stones, I can put it on the woo or use the included hanger.  I will use the cgs stones for half stone deflector or together up higher in the dome for pizza. 

I did not buy the cgs adjustable rig , didn't want to have that tower of hardware to deal with. Probably not doing massive cooks of mastodon cuts for a tribal get together. I could add later if needed. 

If you use the woo at the felt line, and add the vision upper grate, you can go higher in the dome (not sure it will fit that high up, will have to measure). The guy I talked to at cgs said the handles on the oem grate may interfere with closing the dome at higher levels, so a handle less grate might be needed.


large, top, or both take your pick

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I am the owner of the referenced post by the OP.


I have both the Vision and a Pit Boss K24 and just for the record I have not cooked pizza on the Vision. My pizza set-up for the Pit Boss does a great job so, I just haven't got around to playing with a pizza set-up on the Vision.


The Aura D&C Type System I posted does have a purpose and is pretty versatile for many cooks but for pizza I don't think it would be ideal. The separation is probably adequate between the diffusers and the top rack but I don't think the top rack is high enough in the dome to provide the cook I prefer. On my PitBoss and on my previously owned Akorn I preferred that the pizza was as high as possible in the dome to provide a better cook on the toppings.


On my PitBoss K24 I use a combination accessory package to get the cook I desire. It goes, OEM diffuser (legs up), lower rack with 15" half moon deflectors sitting on it and then an elevated three leg grate with a cast iron griddle as my cooking surface. Here is a post that shows my pizza set-up, the picture is at the bottom of the first post: 



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I regularly cook pizza on my vision with the same setup you described.  Here is the cast iron pizza pan that I use https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/outdoor-gourmet-14-in-preseasoned-round-griddle#repChildCatid=27890 i have cut one of the handles off and it fits on the lower rack, you have to attach the back support legs for the upper rack farther back so that the upper rack is not perfectly centered over the lower rack.  I don't remember where i got my pizza stone but it is a little wider then the deflector, maybe half an inch on each side and I've never had a problem. 


For low and slow i placed the difusser on the lower rack and meat on the upper, i had a few issues with temp control as it allows for air to move more easily causing temp spikes.  I ended up getting a woo ring from ceramic grill store, https://ceramicgrillstore.com/collections/vision-pro-classic-b-grill-accessories-by-ceramic-grill-store/products/large-woo-vision-classic-pro-s-series-grills, that placed the diffuser closer to the coals and my temp spikes have gotten better


I have not had any issues with air leaks while doing low and slow.  I have worn/burned out the felt on the lid and base with all the high heat pizza cooks.  I would recommend trying it out to see if you can maintain temps without any modifications. 


I don't have any pictures but can take some of my setup if you need clarification. 

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Re: Pizza


A trick I learned on the Akorn is that the higher the better for pizza. I’d put the diffuser on the top shelf of the Vision and pizza stone above separated by three 1 1/4-1 1/2 inch balls of aluminum foil. It ensures the toppings get cooked, and get good leoparding before the crust burns. It also eliminates the problem of the top rack legs.

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