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Lavalock XTR58 1000F gasket


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I bought the Lavalock XTR58 felt gasket rated for 1000F and put it on my new Kamado before firing it up for the first time: https://bbqgaskets.com/lavalockr-xtr58-1000f-self-stick-bbq-gasket-lifetime-replacement-warranty-5-8-x-1-8-x-15-ft.html




That was 4 weeks, 4 pizza cooks and one low and slow rib smoke ago.  The Kamado went 900F once, 800F twice, 700F once (all for about 2 hours plus another 2 hours ramping up) and the low and slow was under 250F for 6 hours.


The gasket is already shot and will be getting stripped off after our Labor Day cook.  Here is what it looked like after the first pizza cook at 900F:




The inner edges are slightly browned but the outer edge retains the original grey color.



And here is what it looks like now:










It's coming unglued near the inside edge, holes and gaps have developed, the inside edge has become white while the outside edge has become brown, and the white fibers are coming loose (rubbed against it and my skin reacted like it does from contact with fiberglass - not fun).


So for the benefit of anyone else consideribg using these gaskets and hoping they will last at temperatures of ~800F, you will be disappointed.


I'm now mulling my alternatives including cooking without any gasket, but I think I'll put that subject in a seperate dedicated thread.


The subject of this thread is a review of the Lavalock XTR58 1000F felt gaskets.  They may work very well at lower temperatutes but do not deliver anything close to the 1000F protection advertised.  Temps as low as 800F will quickly degrade these gaskets.

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Rutland is the way to go. Great seal too. I was one of the few that got a lot of wear on LGBE factory gasket compared to most. Converted to the Rutland and it was great. Personally, I would never of switched the factory gasket until it failed. Protecting it from food and drippings goes a long way, maybe even more than the cooking temps.  

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