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Check in the app store for a free app called wifi analyzer.  It will provide information about your network and parameters such as the best channel for your area.  Often everyone in an area all use default router settings which means you could be on a crowder wifi channel.  Even adjacent channels interfere with each other so if everyone is on 3, 4 and 6 move to 12.

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There is a very good reason for this.  Pellet grills, unlike charcoal grills, must use the pellets to produce the heat as well as the smoke.  All wood are NOT created equal when it comes to producing

IMO, this combines the worst features of a Kamado and Pellet grill It looks cool but i dont think it will work as well as a conventional Pellet Grill or Kamado would

Well, this looks interesting...  

There are so many things that can impact local wifi performance. What sort of antenna is on the grill? I had a Green Mountain Davy Crockett that struggled to connect to wifi. It had a small little wifi antenna, easily replaced with a high gain antenna from Amazon (about 10" long), instant connection after that. <$10 as I recall.

Since then I've upgraded to mesh router and have a node in the sunroom by the deck. No wifi issues any more :)

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WiFi 6 ax can cause reception problems. Have you installed a new WiFi 6 router or have any of your near neighbours done so? There is no consensus on why these things are causing problems especially to devices using the 2.4Ghz band. One fix seems to be to 'disable ax on the 2.4' aka set '2.4GHz mode to 802.11b/g/n' and set to 2.4GHz band to 20MHz channel width.


WiFi6 was designed for high traffic environments with each AP capable of supporting 250 simultaneous clients so a tad pointless in a home environment give the problems it is capable of causing especially with IoT devices.

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