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John Setzler

Guide for New Members

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Greetings and welcome to Kamado Guru!


Kamado Guru is a forum where all kamado owners are welcome.  The brand of kamado you own is just as welcome here as any other.  We have a few guidelines here that we expect all members to follow.


1.  Be nice.


Don't be rude to anyone for any reason.  Profanity is strictly prohibited.  


2.  Brand bashing is strictly prohibited.  


The 'my kamado is better than yours' debates are simply not allowed here.  


3.  Customer service or quality complaints are not allowed here if it's your first post in the community.


This forum is not a platform from which you may launch your personal complaint against any kamado manufacturer as a new user to the forum.  If you have come here for this purpose, please move along.  This happens frequently enough here that I am making this rule because of it.  If you haven't been here for at least 2 months and made a few other posts in this forum to establish yourself as a forum participant, this type of post is not allowed.  Kamado Guru will not be your personal stump for this type of activity.  Kamado manufacturers are not monitoring this forum.  They are not going to see your complaint.  


4.  Kamado Guru is a user-supported system.


If you like this forum and enjoy using it, please click on one of the "Support KAMADOGURU.COM" links and shoot me a few dollars via PayPal to help with the costs of keeping it running.   


5.  If you are a NEW kamado owner, you may find THIS to be very useful:





John Setzler

Kamado Guru Administrator



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