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Projoe vs big joe 3


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Not sure i will get ton of feedback on this question but lets try :)


i could have a pretty good deal for a kamado projoe. it is quite difficult to find a proper review on the net (due to the beast and the market price i understand...)


Does anybody has a feedback or made trial on the projoe? For me the only differences with the big joe 3 are:

- stainless steel for top vent + handle 

- cast iron slo roller

- higher dome (is this really going to make a taste difference ...)


not sure it is worth the investment...

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If you're thinking of this as an investment, look at your needs vs. what each provides. 


The biggest difference is capacity. Do you need the added capacity of the higher dome? How many people do you want to cook for? I wanted to replace an offset smoker, so I needed the BJ grill area, but not the PJ's headroom. The higher dome wouldn't have made a difference to me. SS top vent doesn't work better, but is paint won't peel. The slo roller is available as a retrofit, so that's not a deal breaker either. 


It's also spiffier looking, but in my mind, it comes down to incremental capacity at a price.


HAve fun,


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