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Looks great but do understand that the ceramic grills are WAY more stable than the Akorn. I had the TTT on the Akorn back when I owned it and it was a great accessory to help stabilize temps. In the few years I've owned ceramic kamados I haven't found the need to use any kind of heat/air control device to regulate temperatures. Once you get an idea of vent settings the thermal mass of these units really allow them to settle in on a temp and just sit there all day/night.

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5 minutes ago, Bubba said:

I've just sold my AKORN and bought a Vision when Sams Club had them on sale.  I've never heard of this device.  Where can it be purchased?

Here is the website: https://tiptoptemp.com/


It’s a very effective and simple device for long cooks. It worked great on my Akorn. When I bought mine, they were $25 and I was able to find one on sale from a different website for $15. I’d look around for another such deal, especially this time of year when places are looking to get rid of summer items. 


It attaches to the top with a simple $3 plate hanger. Kept it on tight but easy to take off. 

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