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BBQGalore.com also operates a chain of brick and mortar stores in the west and southwest US. They used to have a store near me but it closed a while back.




FWIW the link let me go all the way to checkout but I stopped there because I already have a Joetisserie.  It looks legit to me although the price is clearly a mistake. 


Your spyware may have just been seeing cookies, which would be normal. But, YMMV and IANAL. 

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4 hours ago, Smokingdadbbq said:

Dang, missed out on this otherwise I would try as well.  I think legally they own the mistake and you might just have got yourself a deal of the century 

Companies are not legally obligated to honor pricing mistakes. If there was some bait and switch or other deception, then that’s different. 



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Bummer, I got issued a refund as well. I was planning it as a gift for my father, thankfully I didn't tell him about it.


Their website terms of use does say they have the right to cancel and issue refunds for pricing mistakes. They did give me a 20% off Accessories code but still disappointed.

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