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Reverse sear Prime Tomahawk Ribeye

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Picked up a Prime Tomahawk Ribeye yesterday . First did a 24 hour dry salt brine.

Brought my new to me Komodo Kamado 23 Ultimate to 250 degrees  , cooked 

for about an hour to 120 ( had a pan of zucchini ,sweet potatoes, onions garlic ,corn,

jalapeños ,mushrooms , and tomatoes underneath ) .Brought coals up to 600 and

seared to medium rare. 


Did a cutting board sauce under the steak to finish it off. It came out delicious .

Here are some pics.




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16 hours ago, JeffieBoy said:

I keep seeing these steaks and am waiting for that special event to pull the trigger on one.  60th birthday? Nope.  Early retirement? Nope.  Birth of my Grandson? Nope.  Maybe I am just too cheap...


4 hours ago, Rick in Ontario said:


You're not alone.

Not by a damn sight! 

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