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Rolled Omelette

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Bought a new pan - mainly because it was unusual and interesting and cheap. Then did some googling and figured out what to do with it. Made my first rolled omelette today. Turned out not too bad.


Sautéed some jalapeños, Fresno’s, onion and chopped up bacon and added to my egg mixture.  


Put the first layer in and let it firm up enough to roll it. Added the next layer lifting up the first enough to let it run under a bit.  Cooked until almost fully set and rolled making room for the next pour.  Carried this on several times. 










Ended up with a nice rolled omelette. 




Fillings were spread evenly throughout.




Now I just need to remember to add cheese next time!


Cut a couple of slices and put on an English muffin with some cheese to make an omelette sandwich of sorts.  Tasty breakfast and still have half left to do the same thing with tomorrow. 

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14 hours ago, ckreef said:

That is kewl pan, where did you get it?



Believe it or not, QVC.  It was a set of two pans on clearance for under $20. Saw a Japanese street food video awhile back and have been obsessed with the concept for awhile. Found the deal on the pans and had to go for it. I did way better on my first try than I expected to. First time out of the gates was just playing and I was surprised to end up with something that looked decent. At some point in the near future I’ll try a more traditional recipe and preparation.  

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