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Monolith Junior Gasket Replacement

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I have a Monolith Junior (2017) and it seems the gap between the lid and the base is quite narrow. I bought a 1/8" or 0.3mm gasket for Kamado's and it seem to close well if I use it only on the base, but putting it on the lid too and it's not really close to closing. I am assuming the gap is about half of "normal".


I'm wondering, if I can't use the normal Kamado gasket sticky tape what should I use? Some fabric automotive tapes might work and go to 120 degrees Celsius but then I'd still need to get it up high to clean it at some point... Is this the only weird Kamado with a tiny gap or perhaps it was put together wrongly?


Wondering what to do and any advice would be super welcome.


Thanks .

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Welcome Forbesmyester.  :welcome:  My experience with 3 different brands of kamado is that gaskets are generally kamado-specific in terms of thickness and width.  I don't know if High Que Gold Standard markets its products in the UK, but I have always found them very helpful.  If High Que is unavailable, I suggest you speak with the manufacturer.


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Hi Jack,


Thanks for the reply :-)


I think that's actually the brand I got, considering only width and length... not depth... They don't seem to manufacture ones for the Monolith.


Sent email off to manufacturer.


Again, thanks for the reply and will document a solution... when I find one.

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