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PSA: Pit Boss / Louisiana Grill aka Dansons Warranty Problems

EZ smoke

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Just a heads up that Dansons is playing games with their "warranty" and is saying that their warranty only applies to items purchased directly from them. It's just a warning for potential buyers that you may have issues getting things handled down the road with Dansons to honor their warranties. I know that I have read things in the past where Dansons CSR told folks to take their kamados back to Costco/etc. if they had issues rather than working directly with the customer to resolve the warranty claim.


I recently attempted to get some warranty support on a cracked/broken deflector and after providing my proof of purchase w/ pictures, this is the back and forth between myself and Dansons CSR :


Dansons CSR: "This was ordered through store name so you would need to contact them for a replacement or refund on it."

I replied with: "Why? Doesn't PitBoss/Dansons have a warranty?"

Dansons CSR: "We do if it purchased directly through us."


In other words, they are saying that retailers warranty their items which is pretty much BS. I've actually had good luck with Dansons in the past getting support for my 2016 PitBoss K24 so, I was really surprised that they are giving me the run-around this time. I'm actually very concerned at this point on whether their Lifetime Warranty is worth anything at all. The saving grace is that Costco will bail them out by returning the item if necessary. Other retailers are simply not going to allow returns on items outside of their normal return policy despite what Dansons might say. It might be that they were having an off day but the CSR was unwilling to budge from their stance. In any case, this is just my experience and should serve as a PSA for potential buyers. 

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I'm not sure if it is a coincidence or not but within minutes of posting the OP, Dansons sent me an email. They now have stated that deflectors only have a 1 year warranty and they wouldn't honor my warranty request even if they had sold it to me. 


Again, just an FYI.

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The new warranty for anything purchased after September 2018 is a 5 year bumper-to-bumper. No more lifetime on ceramics.  If you purchased and registered it prior, they still should honour their lifetime warranty on ceramic.  But any metal parts, etc are now covered for 5 instead of the original 1.  I recently had a dome thermometer replaced no hassles. 

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