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The Kamado Book of Knowledge

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7 hours ago, Ahocs said:

Great booklet! Thanks! My only wish as a woman would be to change the title to something which would not so blatatanly reinforce outdated gender stereotypes. 


Thanks for your feedback :)  This is the first time I have been approached about my gender stereotypical branding.  I decided to have a look at my audience demographics, simply because I haven't really paid much attention to that in the past.  While BBQ, grilling, and outdoor cooking is not gender exclusive, I don't encounter as many women in my social media circles as men.  Over the years I have gained a rather large following and I do love and appreciate every single one of them.  Here's what my YouTube following (22,800 +/-) looks like over the last month:




Those numbers are 91.7% and 8.4% over the lifetime of my YouTube channel.


Over on Facebook (17,600 +/-) things look like this:




Oddly enough, the gender demographic for me is almost identical in both places.  





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On 9/9/2019 at 9:06 PM, John Setzler said:



Here's a little project i have been working on recently.  Feel free to download and share......


I may update this periodically as inspired and I will post those updates here...




KamadoBOKv1_1.pdf 3.27 MB · 6,274 downloads

Greeting from London, England! just purchased my first ever Kamado. I have gone with the Classic III - I haven't a clue on using one but I am eager and keen to learn so I am looking forward to giving this a read and to get grillin' - thanks John!

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