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Joetisserie Chicken with lid open or close?

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One thing I did notice whilst using the deflectors is the obvious area where the drippings fell and it depends on the rotation of the rotisserie. In this case the bird rotated in a clockwise direction (looking from the motor on the left) and you can clearly see the drippings fell to the rear. So if you bank the coals and want to avoid flareups/fat smoke check the direction of rotation. Switching the motor on and off changes it. 


In my cook, had I not used deflectors, I should have banked the coals to the front and put a drip pan to the rear. The other option is to only use one deflector either over the coals or as a support for a drip pan.




Learn something new every day!

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On 9/14/2019 at 6:30 AM, freddyjbbq said:


What’s to understand other than people like to do it that way? 


Lid open, lid closed, direct, indirect, coals banked, coals not banked wearing a tuxedo or completely buck naked, the heat & the chicken don’t care, any of these methods will work.


jprobably why the joe tisserie doesn’t include these instructions.


your chicken looks amazing btw




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