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Cooking with skewers

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Inspired by KamadoPlanet's tandoori chicken video, I got some skewers.  My first try was meant to be a learning experience and it was.  I found some skewers that had a big ring and used pliers to open up that ring.  It then fit the chimney on my BGE, as I believe it would most Kamados.  While i was able to fit my Tip Top Temp over the skewers in the hole, it was not able to hit the higher temp I wanted.  Using aluminum foil I was able to get a high temp without having it run away.  The dome temp was 375 and a probe right in the hole was 425.  Pics tell the story.  Sorry for the missing finished pic but we had to eat fast as my son had to get to a school event.







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Round two:  I decided to put the tip on a grinder and it definitely pierces more easily. I also bent the skewer so the food would hang toward the Kamado walls.  I did this cook indirect at 375 deg.  I think they cooked very evenly.







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