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Hello Kamado Peeps

So, I tried yet another brisket, this time I selected a good quality meat (Angus) and I only took the flat part.

Overall, I was very happy, a little heavy handed with the pepper in my rub, that’s whats happens when you measure by eye, although the next day eaten with other treats it is pretty darn good. Pleased with the smoke ring and the bark, I used pecan and cherry wood.  Also I think I need more work on my trimming the fat. 

I think I should have left her on for longer because the edges, being the thinner parts were more tender than the thicker parts. But again the next day the tenderness was well within an acceptable range, this may also be due to me only leaving her to rest for about 40min. I get so hungry during these cooks and cant wait to taste.

·         Cook time 6.5 hours 40min in foil with beef broth.

·         Dry rub 40/40 salt and pepper and 20 celery seed.

·         I did use mustard as a based coat.

I inserted my thermometer after about 3 hours and at first the reading was too high and then this got me thinking that the probe was pushed threw hot external and that’s why the misleading reading. And took ages to drop.

What is suggested in terms of inserting the thermometer, from start and / or through foil? Comments suggestions appreciated.

Keep smoking…




Smoke ring bark.JPG




the meat.JPG

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10 hours ago, LJS said:

. Will the fat help the cook be more juicer and tender?



 I think most people would say yes. Kind of self basting. People also wrap with foil or butchers paper around the stall, juicier meat and less bark. Some don't. YMMV with almost every cook and technique. Gradual tweaking will lead to a consistent product, one that you like.

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14 hours ago, JohnnyAppetizer said:

looks good

re: the fat, I  make sure that I leave more. Most pit masters recommend at least a quarter inch. I take some of what I cut off and put back on anywhere there is some necked spots from the original store trim. I score the fat with a crisscross.


Interesting idea! 

I did two butts yesterday and aggressively trimmed the flap off one and left the other. I think leaving is better unless you can take only half the thickness and flop it over the other side! 

(it's nekkid if you are up to something by the way) 

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