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2 pork chop 10 $ meal


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23 minutes ago, KismetKamado said:

We do something very similar quite often. Great meal for a great price. 

I love pork these were chops but one thing I love is pork steak, I like thin ones better than sirloin thick ones 


My BIL family came from Laos, the whole family can cook my bil cooking blows mine outta water, his family owns high end Thai restaurants one teaches culinary arts. Really thinking getting them for my rehearsal dinner, they don't cater but it would be different. If you ever had their eggrolls you would never want anything else. Funny story, he would always bring leftover ones to my folks, I go in one day to ma dads, ma they brought egg rolls, so I proceed feed my face for 20 minutes with em. Sal's in truck, why so long, eggrolls. She never had one of there's only restaurant cabbage bean sprouts filled junk in a thick wrapper. She goes well I wanna try one, so I go in sneak one out, she bites into it OMG you only brought me $&#+-@/* one go get more. So now I have sneak two more out past ma as they are sacred in there house 


Ok so where I'm going he gave me a recipe for Asian thin pork steak, it's simple, except marinade for 4 days. Goes awesome with fried rice on Blackstone and pot stickers.


Made them for Sal's family we had like 30 pork steaks all went

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5 hours ago, ckreef said:

Great looking meal and your story is making me hungry. 


I too am a fan of thin pork steaks. The local Piggly Wiggley used to sell them. Haven't seen them for a while now. 



There story is really cool. He told me one night during their civil war they escaped, he had to swim the meh kong river got caught detained, they finally got out, hid in a ships hull and came here. 


Back to food, literally they could go on chopped. Your item tonight is goat liver, you can only use three other items, they'd figure it out lol


Seriously you make a meal out of their eggrolls. Theirs some spice in there I cannot put a finger on. Like I said not bs cabbage or bean sprout roll lol


Sounds stupid they talked about opening a drive through for eggrolls of different kinds once word got out be slammed


My other sister went to one their family gatherings said best food she ever had. His mom in mas last year brought her food, yep I'll be there for supper. Always amazing


Now you got my mind churning, she's in 80s, probably enjoy the company, tell me what to buy, you show us how hmmmm


Seriously there amazing. 


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