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wood finish products - help -

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About 3 years too late for an answer to the Olympic Elite question but I'll answer just in case anyone else was wondering. 


The Elite is a woodland oil that has worked amazing for all the people I've sold it to on their decks. I bought it for my grill table and will be trying it out within the week. 

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Saw this post a great while after it was started. 


Been down the same road. My best experiences have been to use marine quality products for any wood exposed to the elements. The wood needs to be cared for periodically. How much care is your call depending on what level of exposure to the elements and if the finish you choose is penetrated allowing moisture/uv into the wood.


For advice I would lean toward a regular paint store, and a long time product advisor. I have run into a lot of stores, not all, especially the big box stores going to using anyone off the street who can recite a pull down instruction from a computer backed by some minimal generic training. That's great for weekend DIYers and sales figures.



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