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Hello all.


I just had my KJ Classic III delivered to my home yesterday (at 11:30am).  


In order to convince my wife, we should get the KJ III, I had to part ways with my Traeger XL and my Weber Kettle (leaving me only with my Weber Natural Gas Grill).  


Prior to getting my KJ, I probably watched HUNDREDS of hours of youtube videos on using the KJ and look forward to learning more here.


Yesterday, as my first cook... here is what I did...


1.  Using the Sloroller and the inspired by the video by John Setzler, my first item was a whole chicken (at 425-450) for about 75 minutes.  I don't have iKamand, so I used my Meater+ to monitor the internal and ambient temps.  It was without doubt the best chicken I've ever made at home.  It didn't look quite as nice as John's chicken (his had a bit more of a reddish colour than mine - mine was more brown) but the taste was off the charts.  I used a small piece of hickory wood atop the sloroller (I believe John used Cherry).  


2.  Next, we moved on to steaks.  I had 5 steaks (2 NY Strips and 3 Filets), seasoned with Kosmo Q's cow cover (admitedly, I prefer Barberian rub - which is from a local steakhouse here in Toronto) but cow cover is pretty good.  I removed the Sloroller and decided I wanted to try a reverse sear, and started them off when I got the grill to about 500 degrees on the side with the deflector plate.  Brought the steaks to about 120 and then seared each of them to differing internal temps as two of my guests wanted more of a medium well cook.  I was very impressed with the "evenness" of the cook.  The steaks were a big hit.


3.  Lastly, we had prepared 6 balls of pizza dough for pizza on our Pizzacraft 16.5" stone.  Two of the six pizza balls were store bought and intended for a cook at about 500 degrees and the remaining 4 balls were homemade on Friday night, using a traditional neopolitan recipice and a double fermentation method (00 flour, cold water, salt and yeast).  I know this *might* sound like I knew what I was doing, but this was my first ever shot at a pizza with homemade dough.  I messed up on the store bought dough by tearing one of them during the stretching phase (so we were down to five).  The four balls I had made were 270grams each but couldn't seem to stretch out a pizza more than about 8-9 inches.  The four homemade balls were stretched and cooked at about 800 degrees.  With the exception of the shape and maybe a bit too much of a crust on two of them, we enjoyed the pizzas.  They were FAR from perfect, but they were MUCH better than any of the "chain" pizza you get in these parts (having lived in Brooklyn, NY for 13 years - I am a bit of a pizza snob and there is not a lot of pizza i like in Toronto).  We all prefered our homemade dough to the store bought one and I loved that I cooked each of the homemade ones in under 2 minutes.  The store bought dough came out really well and the cook took about 7-9 minutes.  However, the store bought one did not have any sugar so I really didn't get much colour on it, it sort of stayed pale.  


The entire cook took about 2.5 hours for all three items and we had a blast.  I am already fully in love with my KJ and I am just thinking "what am I going to do next".  I'm open to suggestions.


In any event, I look forward to getting great tips and exchanging insights!!!  Thanks.

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1 hour ago, keeperovdeflame said:

Welcome, glad to have both you and your new KJ with us. Enjoy your entry into kamado cooking and the forum conversation as well. Whole roasted chicken was what sold my wife on kamado cooking, as well.

It was the highlight of the cook for me!  


Thanks for the welcome all.

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18 hours ago, Struja said:

I didn't take a lot of pics of the food other than one of our misshapen pizzas!!! Lol


The more pizzas you make the better you will get at getting your pies close to round. Although, In my experience a home made pizza is seldom perfectly shaped, however some times your pie will come pretty darn close. The solution to the problem is to make lots of pizza:)

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