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I Need a Bigger Akorn!

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Went wild this weekend on the grill. Inch and half steaks, freshwater shrimp, and fresh veggies from the garden. Before I knew it, I was out of room. I was in absolute heaven!




I would like to take time out here to say "Thank you!" to all on the forum. The cooking tips, techniques, recipes, and products (note the perfect grill marks from the Grill Grates) have helped me to get where I have always wanted, now that I have the time and resources to grill properly. Pizzas, rotisseries, smoking (ribs, butts, brisket), and fish have all been successful adventures thanks to all the combined knowledge from the forum. I will continue to be a supporter for Kamadoguru where I can.

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Awesome feast!  If you need more space, I'd just pick up another Akorn.  It gives you TRUE two-zone cooking, and at the cost, how can you beat it?  You might also consider another type of cooker.  I just added a Blackstone 22" propane griddle alongside my Akorn, and I love it.  Last weekend I did sausages on the Akorn, while I did peppers, onions, and mushrooms on the griddle, along with making garlic infused olive oil and toasting the buns. 

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On 9/27/2019 at 11:34 AM, NVRider said:

Hmm, a Blackstone griddle. Now there's an idea. I'll need to run it by the 'boss'. She has threatened me with "If you buy one more accessory for that BBQ . . . . ." The "yeah honey, but look at the results" seems to always work. :)


Look over at the "Blackstone Cooking" thread under the "Non Kamado Cookers" section of this forum.  It has MANY pictures of some really good looking foods prepared on the Blackstone, that should help you get pre-authorization.  Pancakes, scrambled eggs, stir fries, and cheesesteak sandwiches are a lot easier to do on a flat top than in a kamado.  I guess I'm becoming a big advocate for the griddle and kamado grill combination for maximum versatility.


Note that there are some other, similar brands of cooker (Campchef) that offer griddle capabilities along with burners, for even more versatility.  A lot depends on how much space you have and how much you might have to move things around.  



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