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Pizza on an Autumn day

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The days in the mountains of Northern AZ have been amazingly beautiful, the aspens along with my maple trees are turning, and the colors of Fall are upon us. I woke up thinking I would watch some football and then make some pizza, hang out with my wife, drink a few beers,  and watch some more football. "The Perfect Day"  I decided to imitate a pizza we had in Jackson Wyoming on a recent road trip, "Driving me Caprazie" with cherry and grape tomatoes, buffala mozzarella, balsamic glaze, and my own addition pepporoni. I also found some nice fresh black figs at the market and decided to make a fig and goat cheese pizza, as well.


I also decided to use straight Big Block lump with no prep on the really large pieces,  I just dumped from the bag into my Eggs fire box.


I started using RO  tumble weeds as a fire starter, because I saw Jose use them in a post. I really like them. About 3 o'clock I started my fire. The shadows on my deck and the brilliance of the day made a really nice stage for the cook to come.


About the time my fire started to establish itself, this mom deer and her fawn showed up along the drainage below my deck.



Another cool thing that happened during my pizza cook was this fly by. There was an annual air show at our small local airport. A group of WWII Veterans brought a restored C4 and were giving rides to other WWII vets. Not a really good pic but in real time is was really cool. 



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