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Cleaning the SloRoller?


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It seems that most of my questions stem from my SloRoller and I just did a 9lb Brisket Point this weekend that just came out perfect (sorry no pics).


But after the cook, the SloRoller looks like, well, sort of what you would expect it to look like after 9 hours of Brisket drippings.  


Do I need to clean the SloRoller and if so, how?  Suggestions?  It really is a nice looking thing, so I was worried about my traditional methods of cleaning grill grates might damage it.  Any thoughts?  Maybe I don't need to clean it at all, which is fine as well (although something tells me if I don't clean it, it's going to become a mouse magnet).  Thoughts?

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So far I've done two whole chickens and a brisket and it's already looking pretty gnarly.  I mean, at the end of the day it probably makes no difference, other than my concern about being a mouse magnet.

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Are there any new tips to cleaning this?  Mine is absolutely filthy, with stuff caked and crusted on.  John took a wire wheel to his in a recent video, and that will destroy the teflon coating, but honestly it didn't do its job and is already destroyed.

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On 5/17/2021 at 10:36 PM, byee said:

Is there a Teflon coating on the slo-roller?

I typically use a drip tray of some sort to minimize my cleanup efforts.

Some of the vendor websites mention a Teflon coating. Kamado Joe's website does not.


I don't know if it could be Teflon coated without a bunch of warnings everywhere.


I also use a drip tray and have never really done much to clean mine other than put the dirty side down when I put the top on it.

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