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The BeefPalooza– My Favorite Things– 60th Birthday Cook

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Farewell tour... the beef, beef, and more beef why do people show without RSVPing Central Texas Style cook




plate ribs on at 6:30, cooked at 275° – 283°, pulled at 1:30 at ~203°.




















spinach, honeycrisp apples, cranberries, candied pecans, strawberriespepitas,








pulled cowboy steaks @ 137°...






somewhow missed the sweet potatoes and mac and cheese...


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Thanks @Ron5850, I did. Mrs. CentralTex flew my daughter in from El Paso. So, the whole family was together and nothing is more important to me than when us four can sit down around the same table. My version of heaven on earth.


oops! and an additional 16 other people this time around. :rofl:

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Thanks @Rob_grill_apprentice, I forgot to take pics of the two center cut pork chops. :-D


10 hours ago, Blusmoke said:

Back when I was in the army and stationed in Texas I could eat those beef ribs everyday. They look like money to me. Happy Birthday to you !


Interested, Killeen? I walked in Restaurant Depot at the exact right moment. They were giving them away @ $3.30 a pound.

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      Hello!  Here are some Oxtails I smoked and then braised.  I got the recipe here - http://howtobbqright.com/2017/10/13/smoked-oxtails/.  The only thing I did differently is use Mississippi Grind as my rub, and I served them with the veggies instead of strain them out.  They turned out delicious...truly spectacular tails.  I highly recommend this recipe.  Sticky and decadent in the best way possible.  I actually prefer the flavor of oxtails to braised short rib, but I know that may be an unpopular opinion
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      King Crab, Smoked Salmon, Lobster, Lobster Tail, Shrimp (grilled and pan seared), Sweet Corn and Red Potato







      A very bad pic ofspicy shrimp...








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      So, what is it about men that makes them reluctant to RSVP? Cooking for my brothers and nephews this Saturday to make up for all the birthdays I missed, so I picked supplies today. 10 pounds of beef plate ribs and 10  pounds of Spares that I am cutting into St. Louis'. 

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      No rub but well seasoned- 10 quarters for a customer andh one spatchcocked bird and another breast / wings thrown in. Rolling @ 220° for the moment. Willcrank to ~350° at cook end to crisp skin
      Ready @ 3pm.


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      So after the flu kicked my behind for about a week and getting caught up at work and a bought of sheer laziness, I got back on the Big Joe when the men came over Saturday. First, I was surprised by the amount of lump left over from my brisket cook a few weeks ago. For me at least, this pic blows a hole in the idea that colder temps burn a lot more lump. In about 9° and after 13 hours, this is the amount of lump left over.

      Forgot to get a pic on the Big Joe, but I did hash browned potatoes in a CI skillet, jalapeno and cheddar scrambled eggs and my favorite kielbasa. The giant Texas sized biscuit was done in the oven.

      Currently on the smoker is a spatchcocked hen with roasted veggies in my D.O. and basting with herb infused water and avacado oil


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