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New Oleans Baked Beans with Pulled Pork

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When I was at LSU I discovered a bar in downtown Baton Rouge called Chris's Bar and Grill.  Started by Mr and Mrs Chris, when I was there Mr Chris had passed on and Mrs Chris was running the whole thing from the kitchen.  Wednesday was Red Beans and Rice day for lunch and when I discovered that, I became a regular.  And I arranged my schedule so I didn't have any Weds afternoon classes.  Lunch was a schooner of beer, a dozen raw oysters and red beans and rice;  and a nap.  After I learned that "favored" regulars got special treatment, I put my best "clean-cut college boy" persona on display (cussing in the bar would get you kicked out-and lose "favored" status).   If you were a regular you got Mrs Chris's corn bread with your red beans and rice.  The secret of favored status was that Mrs Chris split your con bread in half, toasted it and served half under the beans and half on top, skip the rice.  Heaven.  

Since I still had some leftover pulled pork from Saturday's cook I took my favorite red beans and rice recipe that calls for 1lb of salt pork and substituted 3/4 lb of pulled pork plus a ham hock.  Cooked for 4-1/2 hours at 275 on the Joe and served with the last 2 pieces of cornbread from Saturday.  I think Mrs Chris would be proud.







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Great story and wonderful cook. When I went to college there was a little Mom and Pop bar on 7th St. downtown and just a couple of miles from school in the neighborhood most students lived in. Every Mon, Wed, and Friday, Mom put out hot dogs and home made chili. Dinner was a couple or three dogs smothered in home made chili and a schooner of beer. Frequently she made homemade cornbread as well. By the way, dogs were10 cents a piece and the chili was free. Needless to say every student in the area knew and frequented the place. I am sure most of us ate regularly because of it. 

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