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Finished my Kamado Joe table!


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So excited to have finally finished my table. My Classic II has a new home now.

Table is made of cedar, countertop and drawer front inlays are epoxy resin with a copper metallic pigment.

The three drawers on the right are for various toys/tools/accessories and the larger left side is a pull out charcoal bin.


Just have to order a cover for it as right now it's just a big blue tarp... which doesn't look the best, but gets the job done for now ;)



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5 hours ago, Smokingdadbbq said:

Looks awesome, is the top able to take a hot accessory ok without melting?

Table top material is rated to around 400, so I won't be putting any pans on it or anything. Jeez... I couldn't even bring myself to rest the grate gripper on it because I didn't want to get it dirty lol

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On 10/21/2019 at 6:13 PM, HoserJoe said:

That's awesome.  Working on one myself...much more rustic looking though.  Can you show drawer and charcoal pullout details.  I'm to that point on mine and about to finalize layout/design.

Sure, next time I'm out there cooking - I'll take some more pics of the drawers/cabinets pulled out.

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