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Big Joe 3 maxed out for a funeral

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Last Monday my wife and I lost our second child Elizabeth before she was born. Today was her funeral. And I cooked 3 briskets and 4 pork butts at once on my Big Joe 3. I love the sloroller but to fit it all, I went old school and used the heat deflectors in the lowest position. I ordered another set of regular grates, set them in the low position   And laid two full briskets (16lbs) next to each other. Since it was so close to fire, I trimmed off very little fat, just the rock hard stuff. In the top position I put 4 butts each weighing 10lbs each. Then I used the kamado joe grill expander, and put a small (12lb) brisket on top of that. I put the food on at 7pm last night, ran it at 225 with the iKamand until 4am. Everything was probing at 160-170ish, i bumped to 250. Then eventually bumping to 325 with everything wrapped (sorry Bark, but we gotta finish on time) when i wrapped the brisket I poured some coffee in it with it. And I added a little apple cider vinegar to the pork. At 9am everything was probing over 200 and the thermometer went in and out like butter. Rested for 2 hours while we had the service. Then we had the luncheon and the food was perfect. I really needed it to be, cooking is a big thing for me. Nothing I enjoy more then cooking for my family. If I coulda changed one thing about the cook, I woulda ran it at 250 from the start. I didn’t because other times ive cooked brisket, I would think I need the 10-12 hours and it would finish in 8 hours. I really didnt want the food finishing too early on me, but at 225 it started taking too long. Also we are devastated with what happened, but we knew for the past two months of the challenges our baby was facing, every week we were at doctor appointments at either Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia or at our local hospital. I say this because it was a very rough awful time for me and cooking on my kamado has been very therapeutic with dealing with the stress and sadness. If you have something going on in your life, you gotta do something that helps you relax and gets you outta your sad for a little while. I suggest light your kamado and make someone you love a meal. 




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5 minutes ago, keeperovdeflame said:

 Your story describes unfathomable tragedy. I am just  so very sorry for your loss and the pain you and your family must share. Both my wife and I will continue to pray for you and your wife and the rest of your family. 


Grace and Peace

Thank you

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New to the forum and saw this post very first.  My heart breaks for you and your wife.  I pray for the Holy Spirit to grant you Peace that passes all understanding.  I too take solace and comfort in BBQ cooking.  Thats why I'm here.  To hopefully learn from all you pitmasters and share stories of great bbq.

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I too find that cooking and grilling to be very therapeutic. I love nothing more that sitting outside watching and waiting. It seems that my favorites are when the weather is not the best. Rainy Spring and summer days watching the hummingbirds or the eerie calm of a winter night after a snow. Those times are when I get to reflect on life. I have come to realize that life is not fair and it never will be. Got to take it whatever which way it comes. The ups the downs and everything in the middle. I've never experienced a loss of a child and can not even imagine the pain that your family is going through. The grieving process is different for everyone. You have seemed to find some solace in smoking and grilling. Keep it up!  Creating a meal surrounded by those who love you is one of the best things. You made it even better by honoring your loss. The challenge of cooking all that meat is a feat in it's self. You did an amazing job and looks very mouth watering!     

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It's amazing how we use food to conquer the pain of death even if only temporarily.  How planning and completing a job like this (and feeding others) can bring some measure of joy on a dark day.  This never ceases to impress me.  Dear readers, we have a unique skill set that can always help others.  Perhaps that should be the big take away from our journeys at this site.


You are not alone in this journey.  We stand behind you.  Happier days ahead.

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