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Vanishing Apple Pie


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I'm one of those people who do not write recipes down  ;-(  .......... I depend on muscle memory and instinct.      A few years back, frustrated with bland apple pies, I perfected the apple pie.......... and yes "perfected" is  not an exaggeration.   The key was to take half a can of frozen concentrate apple  juice or cider....... full strength and undiluted concentrate.... add 3/4 to one cup of sugar in a sauce pan and cook it down into a thick goo....... like making candy, but  not that far.    I also added cayenne to give the apples a spicy bite, like adding red hots to apple sauce.   I don't use a candy thermometer....I  just do it by instinct, but it is quite gooey when I get done.   This is then poured over the apples in the pie crust.   I've found that the Kruzeaz pie crust mix (just add ice cold water) makes as good a pie crust as I can make using lard........ nice and flaky...... not the garbage that the premade crusts are.   I use Granny Smith apples, and there really is no point in listing quantities.   I of course also add cinnamon as any good baker does........ use your judgment on quantities here.


The thick goo is of course diluted down by the moisture in the apples during cooking, resulting in a perfect sauce that is so delicious that people lick their plates.   The key of course is that the frozen concentrated is concentrated, and packs a huge apple flavor punch that  you cannot get any other way.  It was a run away hit from day one..........



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