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If you have a jerky gun similar to this one.  We've had it for many years and recently decided to give it a run.  While laying out 5 pounds of meat stick in the dehydrator I had a thought!  Can I use this to stuff a 1 pound fibrous sausage casing?  I soaked a casing in warm water and gave it a go.  I just worked the casing over the tip meant for round snack sticks and filled it holding it with my hand firmly and tied it off.  Worked like a champ.




Here is the beef sausage freshly filled and tied.  Can for size reference.



I put it in a vacuum bag and tossed it in the sous vide when I was  ready for bed.





I did allow it to cure before cooking for 2 days.  After the bath I placed it in the fridge in the cold drawer for a day.  Here it is ready to eat.  I noted it had practically no air pockets, was well formed and sliced nicely.  Flavor was great!







This was a last minute experiment, I used 90/10 beef and should have used 70/30 but it's what I had.  This worked so well I'm starting to think about Christmas!  I believe using the jerky gun is a reasonable workaround for doing a batch of around 5 pounds, worked very well.


If you try it I hope it works well for you! 

















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I used my Jerky Cannon to stuff venison and gouda summer sausage in three pound fibrous casings, worked like a champ. That was the first time I’d done that before and I forgot to soak the casing but it worked just as well. I let them set up in the fridge overnight before doing a hot smoke for a few hours. Was all very tasty. 

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