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Fasting for Survival


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Fasting….not starving is so great for my body.

I just shortened a recovery to a problem (specifics later) via 24 hr. fasting. Easy, as I did not feel like eating anyway.


I will be “cheating” as they say, on healthy Keto, but moderating my unfriendly but taste so great food, this weekend.


Ketones, autophagy, and growth hormone generated via fasting are my gifts to myself.





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When you "fast," especially for an extended period of time, you tell your ancient body that "there is no food to be found."  Your body switches to its ancient protective modes, drawing down its reserves to stay alive.  However, it has switched into "crisis mode." It stops doing things that it would ordinarily do in times of plenty.


I've frankly found an easier way: "eat well."  Circumnavigate the grocery store and go ahead and try those vegetables: if any of them "suddenly catch your eye," impulsively buy it and learn how to cook it.  Give your body a cornucopia of varieties to choose from.  (It was never built to assume that meat was readily available.)  Your kamado can prepare a great many interesting things – roasted zucchini, anyone? (It's delicious!)


When a horse is deficient of minerals, it will begin to eat the wood of its stall – a phenomenon known as "cribbing."  Well, the snack-food industry calls the same thing "the munchies."  Because you aren't eating whatever your body is looking for, your body compels you to eat.  And, as necessary, it puts the excess away as fat – as a shield against future hard-times or starvation.  But it still isn't getting what it's looking for, and so it keeps compelling you to search.  You gain weight. And, you lose health.


"When you go to the grocery store, skip the 'TV Dinners' aisle entirely."  Flash-frozen vegetables are a legitimate source of things that are not now in season, but do not prepare your suppers in the microwave.  Just a few aisles over, you will find the ingredients that are in all of those frozen boxes, and it is much more fun to go ahead and cook them!


Without you even noticing it, the excess weight will go away.

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