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Hey everyone, just joined the forum as part of my research into temperature and cooking control systems for my Kamado Joe Classic.


I started in the Kamado world about 9 years ago when I purchased a Big Steel Keg.  I cooked on it for several years and it eventually became my single go-to grill; I sold my Traeger and gave my Weber Performer to a friend.  I've since bought a new Trager to replace the old one...but that's a different story.


About 3 years ago I upped my game again and bought a Kamado Joe Classic through one of the CostCo roadshow reps.   I passed the BSK on to a friend and have been enjoying the KJ.  Recently I've been looking to mod the KJ and have a new Smokeware chimney, a KickAsh basket, and I'm waiting on a Fireboard themometer with a blower and controller.  I've also been running a Meater thermometer for the past year or so.


I've been using the Traeger for low and slow and smoking meats and the KJ for high temp grilling and searing  but want to get back to low and slow with the KJ.  I got really good at controlling the BSK temps manually and turned out some excellent butts and smoked salmon but haven't had the same success with the KJ.  So here I am, in this forum, to pick up some advice and techniques to up my game.


I'm currently in Oregon but grew up in Tennessee and went to school in the Carolinas.  If I want good BBQ out here I make it myself, primarily pork butts and ribs.  I've also been curing and smoking bacon using the CostCo pork bellies - so far this has been done on the Traeger with an assist from the A-Maze-N Smoker tube in which I run a blend of pellets, charcoal chips, and hardwood chips for a 2 hour lower-temp smoke (180-ish) then up it to 225 for 3 hrs.


I mainly run my KJ with Lazzari Mesquite chunk charcoal (my local restaurant supply store sells this for $13.95 for a 60# bag) but looking for good lower-cost options for other hardwood charcoal.



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