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Chimney style cap for vision grill? like smokeware top

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I live here in kansas and I like to grill in any weather, rain and snow included, I do not have anything I can put over my grill like a gazebo or anything so I need a little cap that will function better in the rain. what are you guy's solutions to this issue? I know the vision has a bigger top vent than other grills when it comes to pure diameter so it makes it a bit complicated. 

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Hear me out on this.  Get a 5 gallon bucket, a patio umbrella, a piece of pvc pipe that fits perfectly over the bottom of the patio umbrella, and a bag of cement.  To pertty it up a bit some people even put the bucket inside a big flower pot and stick some plants around it.

Image result for Patio umbrella and a bucket of cement


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11 minutes ago, JohnnyAppetizer said:

Their are plenty of metal umbrella stands available, you can also adapt them for a pole mounted bird feeder. i use one as you mention for grilling in light rain.

Just make sure you get a sufficiently heavy one of those.  Some of them aren't particularly robust and you don't want your umbrella falling over.

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