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Brandon Store

Best ribs ive ever made

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Im not a pitmaster or competition bbq guy. But I made some ribs last night that were so good I had to share. What I did was based in Malcom Reed’s jack and coke ribs (howtobbqright on youtube if your interested) I loosely followed the recipe.  I used a layer of killer hogs bbq rub and a layer of killer hogs hot bbq rub. No mustard binder i just let the rub soak into the meat for about 45 minutes while I setup the grill. I put the ribs on at 250 and an hour into it, I mopped em with a mixture of jack and coke. At the end of the second hour I wrapped em with a little bit of jack and coke. Probly 1/8 of a cup of liquid. At the end of hour 3, I unwrapped and let the bark firm up again for 30 minutes. Then I poured a mixture of jack and coke and killer hogs bbq sauce as a glaze, 15 minutes later I pulled em out. Normally when I make ribs they get too tender and the bone falls off as your pick it up. But this time it was perfect, walkin a fine line between tender and fall off the bone. You could pull the meat off and have a clean bone, and you could also take a bite out of it without taking the rest of the meat with your bite. Total cook was 3hrs and 45 minutes. 



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I am itching to do some ribs. Unfortunately, have to order some Killer Hogs to duplicate this recipe. I don't usually mop, mist, wrap, etc., my ribs, butt maybe just this once? 

Maybe I will try to incorporate other rubs with the jack n coke... 

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