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TBone Tex

Primo Jr. Kickash Basket interest?

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Hi everyone,


I have been in contact with Kick Ash Basket on making a Kick Ash Basket for the Primo Jr.  It looks like it can be made within the next couple of months if there is enough interest.  The particulars haven't been relayed to me as I just approached them yesterday via a phone conversation and an email today that sounds promising.  In yesterdays conversation they think that getting roughly 25-30 commitments can get the prototype and production started.  I will update this post as things progress and will make a list of committed members in this thread that want to commit.  Let's see if we can get this rolling.  Thanks!!


1.) TBone Tex

2.) TKOBBQ (said they would in another thread)

3.) ckreef (said they would in another thread)

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