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Stacking Racks

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I smoked two half racks of pork ribs yesterday evening for about 4 hours in my 10" kamado.   Needless to say I didn't have enough space.    These were done sous vide first, and went into the kamado frozen with mesquite chunks on the coals.   Temp kept down under 200F.    They were frozen together on top of each other to start with, and I cut two pieces of pine lumber, which I charred over the propane cooktop, and used to space them apart once they thawed enough to separate.  Each side ended up on the bottom for about an hour (4 sides of course as there were 2 racks).  Once an hour, I juggled things about.  The spacers allowed the smoke to pass all the way around everything.  It worked quite well. Of course I had my home made deflector plate underneath, and was wise enough to wrap it in aluminum this time....



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