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Hey, new guy here.  Thinking about ordering a Blaze, but I really don't like the stands options that I've seen.  Does anyone know of any wooden stands that will work?  Maybe something like this:




I've emailed them to see if any of their offerings will work.  Are you all aware of other options that will fit the blaze?

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The Blaze is essentially the same size as the Large Green Egg, but it gets far hotter on the outside. If you keep its feet on though you should be OK. 


See my thread below for the cart I used. 


And... Enjoy the Blaze. It will last a (probably 2 or 3) lifetimes! 



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I was in the same boat… I didn’t particularly care for most of the commercially available stands. They seemed awkward, ugly or too expensive for my elegant Blaze. So, I gave myself a couple hundred bucks budget, a free imagination and something to think about before falling to sleep at night. I cruised the internet, box stores and granite countertop scrap piles for ideas. Eureka! I found my perfect solution for less than $100.  It isn’t important what the solution to my problem was but the process of creating the perfect stand for my kamado. My kamado, my stand and my beautiful pork butt.  Good luck with yours.

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