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Impossible Burger


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A long while ago, our closest restaurant started serving an "impossible burger" and we agreed to the huge upcharge for veggie burger, and we split one beef and one veggie burger. From that first tasting, which I both agreed we would not know we were eating a replacement patty, we have been after "impossible meat". I nearby grocery store finally started selling the uncooked product.




We gave it a go at home last week. I decided to use it exactly how we use ground beef for burgers these days, 2oz balls smashed hard on the griddle. This did not go well, but as you can see moving from left to right, I learned after about six patties and decided to change course.




Despite the smash not working, the somewhat preformed patties cooked wonderfully on the griddle, and ended up with a nice crust and soft center. Plated, the impossible meat looks and tastes substantially similar. 








While this is not going to go into regular rotation for us just based on cost and our enjoyment of our current whole beef procurement system, we are going to keep this on hand from now on for every big gathering. It is a perfectly decent replicant, and if I were a vegetarian, I would be bulk ordering. 





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On 11/18/2019 at 8:09 PM, SmallBBQr said:

Pictures look great, but vegetarian or not....after looking at the ingredient list, I'd pass and just eat a salad.  


Probably better to just not read the ingredient list in any food as they're all full of chemicals. :)


Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 10.59.51 PM.png

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The impossible burger. My first thought was the old addage, "if it's too good to be true, it isn't".


I read  that soy is a main ingedient. I used to eat soy burgers in high school-late 70s.


Great taste but no marketing hype about impossible etc.etc.


I see  above cooking the impossible beef takes a good amount of skill. I would only eat the home cooked version. We can only imagine the chemicals used by commercial outfits to make this appealing so people will buy it.

We are not into these kind of chemicals in my arena.


Gonna try the impossible beef out, if I can find it. We have friends in for the holiday. One is a nutritionist. Should be a good conversation about impossible beef over a beverage in front of the fire.:good:







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