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Easy Thai Beef Salad


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This is one of my favourite salads that really delivers far more voomph than the list of ingredients would suggest.


I bought a sous vide machine about a year ago and have only used it twice, always thinking that I would love to do some eye fillets (inspired by @AntinOz, and figured that this was as good a time as any to pull the box out from the bottom of the cupboard.  After biting into that beef which was as soft as butter, the Anova is going to be stored in a more accessible spot going forward.


Easy Thai Beef Salad Ingredients

2 x 250g eye fillet steaks or similar

Oil for cooking steak

150g of mixed lettuce leaves

1 telegraph cucumber

1 carrot sliced into thin strips

½ to 1 red capsicum sliced into thin strips

1 red onion sliced thinly (I omitted due to raw onion allergy)

Salt and pepper

1 bunch coriander leaves, picked

1 bunch mint leaves, torn if large

Toasted sesame seeds


Salad Dressing Ingredients

1 teaspoon peanut oil (I subbed with grapeseed oil because it’s a no flavour oil that I had in the cupboard)

1 tablespoon fresh lime juice

2 tablespoons sweet chilli sauce

2 teaspoons fish sauce



I started off with seasoning my beautiful steaks with salt and pepper and then vacuum sealing them.  I left them on the counter to come to room temp whilst I got the water up to 54 degrees C / 130 F.



They were in the water bath for two hours and when I removed them, I patted them dry using paper towels, which ensures a crust can form.


I heated up the Kamado to 220 degrees C / 430F with the coals banked to the left and the grate in the lower position.  I then put a cast iron fry pan on there to heat up with the lid down.



Whilst I was doing all this, I prepared my veggies and dressing.


Once the pan was hot, I put in a tablespoon or so of oil, swirled it around and cooked the steaks, about 30 seconds on each side.






The steaks then camped out in a foil tent for about 10 mins.


Holy moly! Slicing through those buttery steaks was a revelation!!



So juicy ... and all evenly dispersed within the meat!!




To assemble the salad, I just layered the lettuce, herbs, topped with the veggies, placed the slices of steak on top, drizzled on the dressing and sprinkled with the sesame seeds.


I made extra salad and doubled the dressing, which hubby and I took to work for lunch today causing lunchbox envy in the workplace. LOL. :-P




Not sure if the entry counts given the steaks were only finished on the Kamado but I’m cool with it either way because it’s an easy and tasty recipe that I hope you try.:)

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On 11/22/2019 at 11:42 AM, Ron5850 said:

I've never used a sous vide. It really looks like it did a wonderful job. That steak looks so tender and juicy. And nice pan sear on the outside of the steak.

Thank you and I was very surprised by the result @Ron5850.  I made sirloin steaks using the same method last night and got similar result.

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