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Thanksgiving Steak

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That's right, we know how to do a challenge cook here!


Some background. Last year, I cooked "Cluckface", our (if I remember correctly) 23lb heritage turkey.




It was delicious, as close as I am ever going to get to turkey perfection, it was also an all day affair requiring a lot of watching, and afterwards, we went around with the family and said, "Do you like this better than the way we cook steak?" ("No"), and "Do you mind if we divert from tradition and do something easier until the kids are bigger?" ("Please"). As a result, we decided for 2019 to do our family go to of Prime grade tenderloin for the main protein (90 minute sous vide cook and then seared in seconds on a HOT kamado), and we ordered all the sides from a high end local restaurant. The end result? What a wonderful and relaxing time. We ate exactly when we said we would, the sides were fantastic and warmed in the oven, and everyone including the kids had a great time. 


Here is the cook. Chopped up and ready for the science bath:




Out of the bath and onto the cauldron of Kamado Joe, seared with generous portions of ghee:




Plated and served with all the Thanksgiving sides:




And finally the moment of truth, yum!



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Looks absolutely delicious and I like your take on thanksgiving ... you were all able to truly give thanks without the associated stress that takes the fun out of things. :woot:

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