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Fireboard compatible with Thermoworks Pro-Series Probes?


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My chef-alarm bit the dust. It doesn't turn on when I want it to, but sometimes turns on by itself and starts beeping (usually in the middle of the night), so I now need a new thermometer. I've been looking at the Fireboard. The old versions only accepted RTD probes and were not compatible, that much I was able to find on Google, but I couldn't find anything confirming that the pro-series probes work with the newer Fireboards that also support 10k and 100k thermistors. I have a number or pro-series probes already, so getting the basic unit with no probes and the Black Friday deal of a free 1" and 3" probe that I don't have is tempting, if I can use my existing air probes and long L food probes.

Anyone have insight for me?

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