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Breakfast pizza

Brandon Store

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For thanksgiving my brother had alot of friends and family over for breakfast since we all had arrangements with our inlaws for dinner. I brought two of these breakfast pizzas and they got taken out quick!

The pizza dough is Alton Brown’s last pizza dough ill ever need recipe (however since I cook at 600+ i dont add the sugar to the dough that the recipe calls for)


Sauce: White sausage gravy, theres tons of recipes out there and if you have a favorite use it. What I did was very basic, cooked a pound of sausage in a cast iron skillet with butter. Take some of the sausage out and put aside to top the pizza but leave some in the pan to be apart of the gravy. Add in about a table spoon into the butter and grease. Once its about amber start pouring in milk (i use whole milk) and whisk with a fork, let it simmer on low heat. If it gets very thick add more milk. Salt and pepper to taste. For the pizza you do want it more runny since its going to go into the kamado and cook even more on the pizza. 

Eggs: i did a basic scrambled egg, 8 eggs for two pizzas, i use alot of butter in the pan and a splash of water in the eggs. You only want to cook your eggs about half way, if there kinda soupy thats okay! There gonna cook more in the kamado. 

Assembling the pizza went in this order, sauce/gravy, eggs, cheese (blend of mozzarella, provolone (8ounces moz, 4 ounces provolone per pizza. and a handful of cheddar), then sausage right on top. Kamado ran at 550 with the dojoe in place (in theory i could of added sugar to the dough to help with browning but I was planning on cooking at a much higher temp, it just didn’t work out that way.) cooked for 7 minutes. Sliced it up into 16 slices. (Also this pizza is extremely heavy! I use parchment paper on my peel to insure a safe transition from peel to oven) 






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Heres some other pizzas i made tonight. Cheese, pepperoni, pepperoni sausage, and my first attempt at Margherita pizza. We ran well above 600 on this cook. All of them cooked at 650 for 5 mins. One thing to watch out for though is getting too close to the metal of the dojoe. If that crust touches it a little bit, itll scorch. Practice makes perfect though. 


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