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Meal in a Muffin / edible cupcake liners

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     My "meal in a muffin" is truly a full meal in a muffin or two....... Unfortunately it is so loaded with nuts and crasins and everything short of the kitchen sink that it does not hold together well.   Buckwheat groats, bran walnuts, apple chunks, dried fruit, etc......... You could live on them and at one time I knew a girl that did...... but that's another story.


     The problem has always been that the nuts and stuff were so large proportion compared to the batter, that they didn't hold up well......... crumbly.    In pursuit of a solution I looked at pie crust, rice paper, and puff pastry to line the cupcake tins......... None were entirely satisfactory.


     Enter the Portugese Custard Tart.........Find it on Utube..........The solution was the crust for these.    Recipe was 1 c flour and 1/3 c COLD water, and 1/4 t salt.  Mix into a sticky dough and use flour generously on your cutting board.... knead and let rest.     Roll it out into a rectangle, spread 2/3 of it with butter, leaving 1/2" edge margin.  Letter fold it and seal the edges, roll it out again and repeat.   Then roll it out, and spread butter over all of it except the edge margins, then roll it all up like a cinnamon roll, and refrigerate for an hour or so.   Slice it in half, and each half in half, and each of those quarters into .   One goes into each muffin tin, and with the cut side down / up.  With your thumbs, work it out and up the sides.  Then add your filling.  

     The result is a wonderful flaky crust around each muffin, somewhat like puff pastry, but much easier to work with.... It takes about a full stick of very soft butter to work....

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